The Film

When Norman, a young artist from New York, discovers the greatest idea of his professional career, a creative block suddenly stifles him. Before the idea slips away and his mind is entirely consumed by “the block,” Norman decides to fight back. Now Norman must foray through the various stages of this battle and overcome its insurmountable obstacles in order to rediscover his inspiration, before it dissolves like a sugar cube.

The Facts

the facts of the movie
67 Lakeshore Dr, M8V1Z5
Toronto, Canada

©2020 by 1987-Productions.

An Original Design ByEarthwyn
In association with Pure Percent Entertainment starring Peter Madison "Sugar Cube" Animated By Jason Stamatydes, Juan Correa ∧ Shamel Esmail Music By Kira May ∧ Jeremy Langlois Sound Design and Foley Yves Middleton Music Mix Ian Boddy Sound Mix Kyle Anderson ∧ Calvin Greening Production Design Taylor Armstrong